4 Ingenious Ways to Keep Kids Busy

4 Ingenious Ways to Keep Kids Busy

Are kids testing your patience? Why not look for some activities to keep them busy? We understand things get hectic at times and we want to help. Here are some amazing indoor and outdoor activities to keep your kids busy.

Before providing the list of things to do, we want you to realize that old-school activities are a great choice to keep your kids busy. When you compare those activities to the ones kids these days do, you will be able to draw the line.

For example, a higher percentage of kids nowadays spend their time using laptops, smartphones, or tabs. It is clear that long hours of screen time put your kids’ health at risk instead of developing it. But when considering old-school activities, it is not the case, so let’s now see how those activities curb your kids’ boredom.

Request them to cook or bake with you

If you hadn’t tried this, you wouldn’t know how enthusiastic kids get when they are in the kitchen. They love cooking because getting an amazing final dish after adding a few ingredients excite them. Before you let your kid enter the kitchen, you need to explain the safety rules to them.

If you create the habit of cooking together, you wouldn’t have to find an extra task to keep them busy. Recently, one of the twitter account holders shared some pictures and videos of their 12-year old preparing breakfast for the entire family. The kid has been taught safety measurements because she made sure to have her kitchen mitts on while being careful with prepping.

Help them write a comic book or letter

If your kids are old enough, this tip might keep them busy while developing their skills. Writing a comic book will help your kid to be busy with creative thoughts and ideas. This kind of activity will take the kid to a different world or, in other words, a world of imagination.

Writing a letter is another form of keeping your kids busy and connected. When the kid develops the habit of writing, he/she uses it as a tool to convey emotions. When letting your kid engage in writing activities, make sure to provide crayons and other essential stationaries. They get motivated when you provide those.

Almost every parent knows the infamous Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. If you check her Twitter account, you will realize the kids’ interest in the #TheIckabog tag created by the author. The creative drawings would leave you in awe. We are trying to make it clear that writing and drawing are some of the best options to keep the kids busy.

Take care of a plant or garden

They will not be able to manage a full garden all alone, even though outdoor activities hit differently. When kids engage in outdoor activities, it increases their energy level, and they tend to learn and appreciate nature. However, without letting your kid handle the whole garden, you can name one or two plants as theirs and ask them to take care.

Some kids love flowers, and some love herbs, so find their interest and help them grow their favorite plants. Teach them to water the plants and add compost when needed. Remind them about safety measurements. It will be a little bit hard to help them pick up this habit, but when they see how their plants grow, they will eventually be immersed in it.

One of the neighborhood kids we know is in love with plants. He would help the neighbors maintain their plants. He makes sure that everyone takes care of their garden. Fortunately or unfortunately, his parents cannot afford a smartphone or laptop, so his only option to entertain himself is to engage in outdoor activities. This could be the reason why he is fond of gardening.

But this is a healthy choice for parents to keep their kids busy.

Create a scavenger hunt

A long list of things is not the only way to develop a scavenger hunt. It can be a fun-filled scavenger hunt with a quick and ongoing list like “Spot the plant that starts with M,” and ask the kid to look for it. Let the kid search in and out of the home to find the things you ask.

When they complete the tasks, it is important to reward them. It can be an instant reward like candies, or it can be a surprise reward, like taking out for dinner.

There are hundreds of ideas that you can consider when developing a scavenger hunt. For example, Pinterest is a great place to find ideas that are easy to implement, so take a look at them.

Kids are not easy to handle, but they won’t be kids forever and you don't want to miss out on their childhood. When your kids grow up, it can be daunting and fun at the same time, so make sure to enjoy it while handling things wisely.

Parenthood is a blessing, so make the most out of it even if you face hurdles.


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