Best 10 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

Best 10 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids 

Best 10 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

Indoor games can be boring…

Says who?

Kids are energetic balls of sunshine to parents. They love to play around and have lots of fun! But with the rise of this global pandemic where staying indoors is the best thing to do, what can we do to keep our kids busy yet still happy?

Today, we’ll get to know about the Best 10 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids to enjoy, so even getting stuck indoors will still feel exciting!

Parents, get your pen and paper and list down these fun ideas for you and your kids!

Are you ready?

Let’s begin.

Play Word Games

Help your child become a better communicator!

Start it off with playing word games just like Scrabble. Playing word games can help enhance your child’s vocabulary, help them learn new words, and even apply it in everyday conversation. 

You can even test the new words they learned through making them create a poem. Who knows, your kid could be the next Shakespeare!

Cook Easy Recipes

cooking with kids

If not the next Shakespeare, then you’re child could practice to be the next Master Chef! 

Begin your child’s learning on life skills and teach them how to cook easy recipes. It could just be a simple as a quick snack, sandwich or even a home-made burger. For sure, they would enjoy making their own meals.

But, don’t forget to keep the sharp objects away!

Create A Karaoke Night

music with kids

Could your child be the next singing superstar?

How about a Karaoke night with your kids and the whole family! For sure, they would love to sing their favorite Taylor Swift songs, adding on a couple of dance moves!

Write Each Other Letters

write a letter

Let’s go back to old school love.

One enjoyable activity you could do with your kids indoors is writing letters to each other. The best thing about this is you could send each other sweet notes.

And don’t forget to keep these, okay? These could be one of the best memorabilia you could have as a parent!

Go On A Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt with kids

Unleash your child’s adventurous side and go on a Scavenger Hunt around the house!

You could even make brain-twisting challenges and clues just for your kid to harness his thinking skills too!

Go And Play Hide And Seek

hide and seek with kids

Here’s a classic game for you and your kid.

That’s none other than a game of Hide And Seek! Go around the house and find the best hiding spots to give you and your children some extra thrill and excitement!

Play Some Board Games

play a board game

Playing board games is not only fun but also a very educational one.


It’s because it can develop your child’s critical thinking! Well, I bet a Monopoly game would teach your kids how business works and gain more properties to monopolize the game.

Are you ready to go bankrupt over a 5-year old in a game of Monopoly?

Teach Kids A New Skill

gardening with kids

Teaching a new skill could be very fun not only for the kid but also for you as a parent!

Learning something new would add more knowledge to your kids and help them grow in baby steps. You could try and teach them how to plant a seedling, and take care of it consistently to grow. 

Hold A Story Time In The Living Room

story time with kids

Everybody loves a good and a classic bedtime story!

Try to hold a storytime in your living room every afternoon. Besides sharing some amazing stories with your kids, don’t forget to share the story’s message and the life lessons they could apply in real life!

Let’s say Pinocchio’s story would teach your kids to become more honest human beings (and a little less naughty too.)

Have Arts And Crafts Activities

arts and crafts for kids

Every kid loves Arts and Crafts time!

Not only does this help them improve craftsmanship, but it helps them get messy surrounded by art!

You can draw, paint, make a kite, or whatever you want! Children always love getting creative and showing their imagination through their art.

Now, buckle up and reserve all that energy of yours. It’s playtime with the kids!

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