Top 5 Must-Have Arts & Crafts Supplies Your Kids Need To Have

As parents, you're always on the lookout for different ways to help and encourage your child to release their imagination. Research has shown that a child’s maximum brain development happens in their younger years.

Thus, you need to ensure to make every moment count. 

So, what better way to do this but by gearing them up with must-have arts & crafts supplies to help them unleash their creativity!

Today, we’re going to talk just about that! Here are the top 5 craft supplies your kids need to help boost their love for the arts. 

  • Crayons

  • First on the list, we have crayons. Of course, who could ever forget this primary art supply, especially for the little ones? 

    Get your children this art material so they can go forth and doodle all their way to pieces of paper. This could even be their first training ground to learn colors and mix and match them to create new ones!

    Although, always remember to get your children non-toxic ones to prevent them from harm. 

    Also, we recommend that you always watch over them while they are doing their coloring activities (especially for the little ones) to avoid them from putting these items in their mouths.

  • Watercolor

  • You could say that watercolors are just somehow within the art family chain of crayons, but they give your kids an entirely new coloring experience!

    Unlike crayons that they need to take out of the box, watercolors entail them mixing water for them to work. 

    The good thing about this is that you get to teach your child basic procedures such as putting water on the paintbrush before getting some color.

    Having watercolor can also encourage them to do painting activities. You never know, your kid could be the next Picasso!


  • Colored Paper

  • Another must-have art material for your kids would be colored paper.

    Everybody loves good old origami! Through colored papers, you could teach your children a few complex steps and instructions, such as folding this and that to create the right form of the origami you’re trying to achieve.

    Colored papers could also lead you to have some scrapbook activities with your kids! 

    You can try and gather some simple pictures or memorabilia (like your kid’s first origami) and try to document it through creating a book of memories (yes, we’re talking about scrapbooks).


  • Scissors And Glue

  • We could say that these are basic art supplies for your children, but they’re more of paraphernalia for your children to create their work of art (most especially if they’re working with colored papers).

    Provide them with scissors with a size that would suit their age and get them non-toxic glue to reduce their risk from harm (just in case it accidentally touches their eyes or mouth.)

    Disclaimer: Always watch over your kids when they’re using scissors.

  • Glitters

  • Everyone loves a good glitter!

    Allow your children to make their work of art shiny and sparkly as possible through glitters! 

    For sure, this will add an extra touch of beauty to your kid’s art project and activities



    Now rush to your nearest arts and crafts shop and get these items for your kids.

    Certainly, an everyday art day at home would improve their creativity skills and serve as a bonding time for you and your children!

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